Team building

Team building

Want a unique team building experience? Then look no further. Gemma can create a fun and engaging session from a variety of art materials. Each team member will go home with a piece of art work they can be proud of or better still put on display in the office!

Creating a piece of art whether thats a drawing, print, a painting, a sculpture helps the mind to focus and meditate on the task in hand. These workshops are relaxing and fun! They will allow your team members to switch off from the hecticness of modern living and enjoy a bit of time to unwind.

You can choose from a selection of options below. However we can also tailor to your needs so please get in touch. Gemma will go through a step by step method ensuring that everyone understands the different processes involved and will offer additional help where needed.

Option A: Lino print a Tote Bag

This is a 3 hour workshop which will involve your team members having a go at cutting some lino and printing their design on to a tote bag. This medium gives instant results that you can be proud of as well as being able to wear a unique bag designed by you.

Option B: Create a botanical bowl or tile using air dry clay

This is a 2 hour workshop which will involve your team members to experiment with air dry clay to create a beautiful bowl or a detailed 3D tile. The tactile nature of clay allows you do de-stress and focus on the manipulation and creation of your masterpiece.

Option C: Create an expressive watercolour painting

This is a 2 hour workshops which will involve working on large scale paper and focusing on natural form observation. This is great activity which helps free up the body working in an expressive way.

Worried about the mess?
No need to worry about any mess. I will provide table cloths, aprons and cloths. However I would ask that you make sure team members have some old clothes to hand to change into.

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