My top 3 secrets when using watercolours

My top 3 secrets when using watercolours

I am going to talk to you guys today about some top secrets to use when using watercolours.

1 Masking fluid

My first is masking fluid! This is like masking tape but you can paint it on your watercolour paper and rub it off at the end. It protects the paper and keeps it white. Top tip, make sure its dry before applying watercolour over the top and make sure you rub it off the same day you used it. If you leave it on for too long it can rip the paper!

2 Magic eraser

My second secret weapon is a magic eraser! Yes it actually called that. It is amazing and allows to create magical moments with your paintings such as sun shining through clouds etc. All you have to do is dampen the eraser and then rub the area you want to remove paint from. It is magic and works much better than lifting off with just a paint brush and paper towel.

3 Paper towel

My third is the paper towel. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again the paper towel is your best friend when using watercolours because it helps with excess water, you can create beautiful clouds and helps you to work out the amount of watercolour needed.